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1222 Joshua Bull - Jordan Watson Penrith Cricket ClubSportsWave Metropolitan Cup1 1 Randwick Petersham Green
2225 Jordan Watson - Lachlan Coad Penrith Cricket ClubFifth Grade2 1 Parramatta
399 Mikayla Hinkley - Naomi Stalenberg Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade6 1 Northern District
463 Ryan Gibson - Ryan Hackney Penrith Cricket ClubKingsgrove Sports Twenty20 Cup2 1 Bankstown
5107 Nicholas Thornton - Lachlan Smith Penrith Cricket ClubFifth Grade5 1 Sydney University
6163 Brent Williams - Jake Wholohan Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade2 1 Parramatta
754 Brent Williams - Luke Hodges Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade3 1 Bankstown
853 Michael Castle - Luke Hodges Penrith Cricket ClubFirst Grade5 1 Sydney University
9140 Nicholas Thornton - Brendon Speechley Penrith Cricket ClubSportsWave Metropolitan Cup4 1 Georges River
1053 Adam Burton - Ben Crouch Penrith Cricket ClubFourth Grade2 1 Parramatta

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